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The MyUnion Retirement products are specifically tailored to improve the lives of retired First Responders and Teachers who are or were members of unions such as Police, Fire, CPS, CFD, RCMP, EMS, AHS, UNA, AUPE, CUPE, ATA, AISCA, Veterans, Educators and those eligible for plans like Retire Alberta, RA, Blue Cross, Manulife, LAPP, PSPP, SFPP, MEPP, ATRF and ARTA.

MyUnion Retirement is a branch of Puhl Employee Benefits, providing trusted and experienced insurance programs for First Responders. Our flagship product is Travel Insurance, as well as offering Health and Dental plans and General Insurance. With 40+ years of experience in this industry has provided the connections and resources to provide exclusive access to the most comprehensive insurance programs in the country. Get knowledgeable assistance with your retirement health coverage needs with MyUnion.

MyUnion Retirement purpose is to ensure that First Responders and Educators who have stepped away from the profession can still enjoy the rewards of a well-deserved retirement – the benefits they need, exactly when they need them. As a benefits management company, we help organizations access and manage the benefits they need. So, if you’re seeking travel coverage or individual health benefits, then why wait? Get in touch with our benefits team today – we offer the flexibility to meet the needs of each First Responder’s and Educators’ unique circumstances.

With MyUnion Retirement, First Responders, Educators, and Veterans can access the benefits when they need them. As a benefits management company, we provide comprehensive travel coverage and individual health benefits with personalized attention given to each First Responder’s unique situation. Our website makes it easy to quickly access the benefits you need while our expert staff give you the support you deserve. Make MyUnion Retirement your go-to source for financial planning and retirement management today!

First Responders can rest assured knowing that their benefits are on par with, or surpass, the protection offered by their former union.

Puhl Employee Benefits is a benefits management company that provides high-quality flexible benefits, travel plans, insurance coverage and wealth management choices to First Responders and Educators who have lost their union coverage. With experience and knowledge in the field of benefits, Puhl can help first responders and educators find the best options for them and their families.

At MyUnion Retirement, we offer top-notch required benefits to First Responders and Educators and help them procure the products they need. Call us for information and ideas.

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