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About our products which are designed for first responders who are eligible members of: Police, Fire, EMS, AHS, UNA, AUPE, CUPE, ATA, AISCA and the following pension plans LAPP, PSPP, SFPP, MEPP, ATRF. You can join at anytime if you belong to any eligible group.

MyUnion Retirement is a branch of Puhl Employee Benefits, we work with first responders who are retired to set up and maintain insurance programs for travel, which is our flagship product, plus health and dental, and general insurance. Our 40+ years of industry experience has provided us with the resources and access to the country’s leading insurance programs. Use our knowledge and experience to set up an insurance program that is tailored to your unique needs.

MyUnion Retirement was created so first responders who are retired can get the benefits they need when they need them. As a benefits management company, we aid organizations to attain and manage the benefits they need. If and when you are looking for travel coverage or individual health benefits, contact our benefits team today. Flexible to each First Responders unique situations.

Specializing in Retired First Responders, we help first responders create plans to attain their unique financial and insurance needs. Our overriding philosophy is to provide programs and benefits that provide first responders with the coverage they need when they need it. Puhl Employee Benefits handles top associations benefit plans, Provincially and Federally.

First Responders can feel secure that they have access to benefits that equal or exceed their former union coverages. 

Puhl Employee Benefits is a benefits management company that prides itself on a friendly and holistic approach to assisting first responders who have lost their union coverage. Since 1986 the Puhl team has been specializing in providing high-quality flexible benefits, insurance plans and wealth management choices. As brokers, Puhl has access to a variety of insurance and fund companies in Canada!

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