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Protect yourself while away. Travel insurance is designed to cover losses resulting from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances that occur while abroad. Whether you’re looking for travel insurance during a single trip, prolonged stay or multiple trips, we can find the travel insurance plan that is best suited for your travel needs.

Travel insurance is a necessity while traveling, as it protects you and your family from the large and unpredictable expenses that occur while on your trip. From emergency medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage or missed and delayed flights. Life seems to find a way to disrupt even the well-established travel plans, make sure you are always prepared with Travel Coverage. 

It is important that you read and understand your policy before you travel as your coverage may be subject to certain exclusions or limitations.

MyUnion Travel plan provides a 100% refund on Travel Insurance Premiums within 100 days of purchase if for any reason the individual cannot travel.

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Snowbird Travel Coverage: coverage for 60 / 90 / 120 / 180 days; provides travel coverage while on extended trips; Super Premium Value – usually 25% below other top travel companies.

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*Yearly premiums are based on oldest age of applicant(s)

Reload Feature: Length of travel plan purchased will reload at no cost for a new length of travel upon returning to home province.

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Travel add-on coverage

When you are traveling abroad, and are away from Canada or your Province of Residence it is recommended to have travel coverage in case of emergencies. Travel protection plans with emergency medical, trip, and baggage coverage helps you prepare a stress-free trip. Emergency Medical and Trip Cancellation & Interruption coverage can be purchased individually or purchased as a bundle. Our travel plans do offer optional Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay coverage for increased protection while traveling.

Trip cancellation & Interruption Protection

Trips are expensive, protect the financial investment you made for a trip. Our coverage plans provide coverage for unexpected trip cancellations and upon individual special requests trip interruption. LEARN MORE

baggage loss, damage or delay

We provide travel insurance that protects your personal items while traveling, you have an option to add protection for the personal property and belongings you bring while traveling.

kidnap & ransom insurance

When it comes to Kidnap & Ransom (read here) Insurance the scope of the coverage may seem apparent by its name alone. Would you like to be covered in case any of the following events happens to you or a loved one on your trip; Kidnapping, Extortion, Child Abduction, Hostage Crisis, those are just to name a few. Call us for a Quote.

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